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Cable Ties and Wraps

We are not limited to the items below.  Please call 1-800-568-1932 if you need a cable not listed below or need product details.

Cable Ties

* Available in Various Colors, Lengths, and Strength Limits.  Call for pricing and availability. Zip Ties 8 Inch Black Intermediate Nylon Zip Tie - 100 Pack
X=Length in Feet
Braided Sleeving cable ties
* Available in Various Colors, Widths, and Lengths.  Call for pricing and availability. Tie Roll, Grip; Polyethylene (Hook), Nylon (Loop) cable ties


Spiral Wrap Spiral Wrap is a unique and simple solution for bundling and organizing cables in a hassle free, efficient way. Spiral Wrap is a necessity for any project that you see fit. Spiral Wrap makes bundling cables easy and attractive. From sound and security cable runs to simply organizing a mess of cables behind your computer; Spiral Wrap is a must have. Spiral Wrap comes in various diameters. Call DigitHead for details. Spiral Wrap for bundling and organizaing cables
FlexoWrap The color matched hook and loop closure provides for easy on and off installation, as well as instant and convenient access for harness break-outs and rework of any specific section along the entire length of the run. Combined with the expandable, open weave design, FW will conform to a wide variety of bundle diameters and will wrap around irregular shapes. All grades of FW cut cleanly with a hot knife. Call DigitHead for details. FlexoWrap for convenient access for harness break-outs


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